Fingerprint Door Locks

It may have taken biometric applications awhile to get going but, once biometrics kicked it into gear, the use of biometric applications caught up with the technology, and the industry has grown exponentially since a decade ago. There is no doubt that the field of biometric technology has had its greatest impact in the realm of fingerprinting. Fingerprinting has been the accepted way of authenticating a person's identification for over a hundred years. With biometric fingerprint technology improving year after year, it was only a matter of time before the technology was applied to access control. Fingerprint Door Locks are keyless locks utilized in both commercial and residential settings to allow only authorized people access into a room or building.

The World Trade Center attacks on the United States changed the face of security forever. People everywhere realized that there needed to be systems in place in order to ensure the security of individuals, not only in the United States, but around the world. Therefore, with the impetus of the deadly 9/11 attacks, the applications of the biometric technology came to the forefront of the forensic science world. Since fingerprinting is the most widely used form of biometric technology, security systems were developed and employed as a means of granting access to a computer, a building, a home, or a vehicle, and as a means of identification of individuals in order to ensure that they do not pose a risk to others.

Biometrics is the science of using the unique physical characteristics of an individual in order to verify their identity. Since it has been proven over the last century and a quarter that no two humans have the same patterns on their fingers, the establishment of fingerprint scanning systems for that sole purpose made great sense. These electronic systems take a digital picture of the fingerprints and then transmit them to a source for verification. The use of biometrics provides a much higher level of security than do passwords or keys, as it is easy for an unauthorized individual to steal another's key or password and thus gain access to a restricted area. There is also the common problem of losing your key or forgetting your passcode. This is not possible with use of a Fingerprint Door Lock.

Fingerprint Door Locks are now available throughout the world as a deterrent to illegal access into a building, office, home, or room. The fingerlock door system has an external fingerprint reader as well as an internal door control. In order to gain access, your fingerprints need to be recognized by the system or else you will be denied.

The Fingerprint Door Lock is a perfect remedy for the access control problem that we face in the business world and in our private lives today. There is no reason to carry a key chain loaded with house keys, car keys, identification cards or commit PIN numbers to memory any longer. The world is becoming a safer place in which to live because of fingerprint biometric applications.