Fingerprinting Products
• Fingerprint scanners and readers are used in login authentication for people working on computers with sensitive, confidential, or financial information. Fingerprint Scanners are a great advancement to the field of fingerprinting.

• The use of biometrics has extended to fingerprint door locks and access control. As security issues mount, Fingerprint Door Locks are a perfect remedy for the access control problems we face both in the business world and in our private lives.

• The application of biometric fingerprinting in the area of fingerprint safes is the safest and most cost effective way of gaining absolute control over access to a safe. Fingerprint Safes bring comfort and security to their owners.

• Fingerprint time clock systems assure employee authenticity and curtail employee time fraud. Fingerprint Time Clocks are also cost effective, and they allow for ease of managerial oversight.

• Child fingerprinting kits are a deterrent to abduction and help law enforcement agencies have a child's critical personal information available in a timely manner. Child Fingerprinting Kits are fast becoming a popular purchase for cautious parents everywhere.

• There have been tremendous technological improvements in the pads and inks used in fingerprinting today. Newly invented Fingerprint Ink Pads leave no residue on the fingers and produce a higher quality print.

• A crime scene investigator's fingerprinting kit contains all of the items needed in order to find, dust, recover, and preserve fingerprints. Fingerprint Kits are available for purchase on the internet.

• Fingerprints are extracted from a surface by means of application of a powder. There are various Fingerprint Powder available for use depending on the characteristics of the surface.

• Recent technology has forged a relationship between science and art to produce unique articles of jewelry and works of art. Fingerprint Art is artwork that is truly personalized, customized, and entirely unique!