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Fingerprinting Books, Articles, and News

Project Gutenberg: The Science of Fingerprints EBook
Project Gutenberg provides an EBook of the official FBI manual on fingerprinting, Science of Fingerprints: Classification and Uses. Francis Galton and Fingerprints
Sir Francis Galton's books, papers, articles, letters, interviews, and other published matter on the subject of fingerprints in PDF format.

Carnegie Mellon: Scalable Document Fingerprinting
Presents a system for document comparison based on textual similarity for related document searches and copyright/plagiarism protection.

Purdue University: Latent Fingerprint Chemical Imaging
Developed at Purdue, desorption electrospray ionization (or DESI), detects trace amounts of explosives, drugs or other materials left behind in fingerprints.

National Science Foundation: From Fingerprints to Fiberprints
Fingerprints left on a piece of research equipment sprouted nanofibers when they interacted with cyanoacrylate glue.

U.S. Government Fingerprinting

U.S. Federal Government:
Includes biometrics reference room, recommended biometric standards, and Subcommittee on Biometrics and Identity Management info.

National Institute of Standards and Technology: Matching Up Fingerprints
Includes NIST fingerprint interactive "Solving Crimes, Improving Security" and suspect fingerprint matching game.

U.S National Institute of Justice: Fingerprints Overview
NIJ has funded researchers to develop, evaluate, and improve the way fingerprints are taken. Taking Legible Fingerprints
Information on the nature of fingerprints and an outline on the techniques for taking legible fingerprints.

Office of Biometric Identity Management
Under the Office of Biometric Identity Management (OBIM), Homeland Security uses inkless, digital, and 10-fingerprint scanners to collect U.S. visitors' biometrics.

Defense Forensics & Biometrics Agency
Government organization dedicated to protecting the nation through the employment of biometric technologies and capabilities.

Human Genome Program: DNA Forensics
How forensic identification works, understanding its accuracies, its interesting uses, and databases such as CODIS

The Biometrics Consortium
Sponsored by the US government, this consortium organizes a yearly biometrics conference. Website contains info about past conferences and current government and standards activity

U.S. Marshals: Fingerprint Information
United States Marshals website asks what type of fingerprints do you have and why fingerprint identification?

University Fingerprinting

Michigan State University: Biometrics Research
Recent Publications, projects, presentations, announcements, and upcoming conferences in the field of biometrics.

Student Society for the Advancement of Biometrics
Official home of the Student Society for the Advancement of Biometrics at West Virginia University.

University of Kent: Information Security and Biometrics
Widely recognized world expert in biometrics and security and is currently working with leading industrial companies.

U.S. State Fingerprinting

West Virginia: Biometrics
Listing of West Virginia's companies, government agencies, and universities in the highly competitive biometrics market.

Arizona: Board of Fingerprinting

California: Fingerprint Submissions

Colorado: Educator Fingerprinting

Florida: Fingerprinting Application Site

Illinois: Criminal History Information

Kansas: Fingerprint-Based Record Check

Maryland: Background Checks

New Jersey: Live Scan Electronic Fingerprinting Process

Texas: Educator Fingerprinting

Wyoming: Criminal History Checks