Mobile Notaries

In today's day and age, it is in the best interest of a business or firm to devise ways in which it can better serve its clients. The legal system depends on the smooth operation of its services in order to keep the wheels of justice turning. Whether it is a matter of criminal or civil liability, the cases heard in court rely on the speedy and professional filing of related documents in order that legal issues are resolved in a timely manner.

One current expression that you hear regarding the delivery of services within the legal system is the concept of the full service litigation support firm. These firms attempt to secure clients by offering a number of related services so that there is no need to go outside a given firm for services. The services offered could involve the serving of papers, the ability to perform court duties such as updates on cases and attendance at hearings, as well as the ability to render services from a mobile office. The mobile office would involve an investigator or process server with notary public authority who can facilitate the client's business through having the capacity for faxing documents and authenticating signatures while on the road. The service of the mobile notary is now offered by many firms.

Mobile notaries are notaries public, officials of the state, sworn to the commission of their duties, who engage in notarizing documents by traveling to the home or office of a client. These documents can range from matters of criminal and/or civil importance to estate matters, mortgage issues, or affidavits dealing with divorce and/or child custody hearings. Of course, there is an extra fee involved for the traveling, but who in this fast paced world would not appreciate such an extension of services? Clients are opting for the mobile notaries based on the fact that these professionals will travel to the clients' homes or offices in order to notarize their documents, instead of the clients having to take time off from their jobs to have their signatures notarized.

As with notaries public, mobile notaries provide the assurance that the signor of a document has presented valid photo identification. Only then will notaries affix their stamp and seal and make the appropriate entries in an official logbook noting the date, time, location, County and State of the notarization.

One of the most requested duties over the last couple of years has been for mobile notary fingerprinting. Over 500 job classifications in the legal, medical, and health service fields, among others, now conduct mandatory background checks on their job candidates in order to ensure the safety and security of the people they serve. Many notaries have taken the training in fingerprinting conducted under the auspices of the Department of Justice or another authorized body, and have received their certification in fingerprinting. As Certified Fingerprinters, mobile notaries are in great demand from companies, agencies and organizations for the fingerprinting services. The Mobile notaries travel to the headquarters of these entities and take fingerprints, usually via live scan fingerprinting, from a group of applicants because it is cost and time effective for both the notary as well as the company.

Mobile notaries are regulated by the state and their fees for travel are based on the round trip distance of their journey. For example, suppose you need a document notarized within a very short amount of time to submit to the court on an emergency deadline. A mobile notary could come to your home or office and attest to your signature. Since the notary public is already in the field, you can have that document notarized with plenty of time to spare before the deadline passes.

Visit our Fingerprinting Locations section for a list of the mobile notaries that are available in each state. If you require the services of a notary public, perhaps a mobile notary with a certification in fingerprinting would best suit your needs.